Joiners work to improve the estate

  • Creating a ‘deer race’ to help staff at Magdalen College segregate their deer as needed by opening and shutting gates leading off a central area;
  • Installing insulation behind the wood panelling on the external wall of a lecture theatre in the Weston Library, to stop the noise from Trinity college’s nearby building project from disturbing lectures;
  • Refurbishing and part-replacing three badly decayed windows in the Dyson Perrins building as part of a larger programme of renovations;
  • Restoring bookcases in Exeter College library;
  • Refitting the porters’ lodge at St Hilda’s, including the creation of new pigeon holes and a reception desk;
  • Replacing several old doors in the basement of the Examination Schools. The rooms these lead into were the operating theatres during the building’s spell as a hospital for wounded soldiers during World War 1, and the joiners will preserve this history as far as possible while bringing the doors up to modern standards of safety and fire resistance;
  • Carrying out alterations to the Rothermere Institute to accommodate newly-arrived Radcliffe Science Library staff; and
  • Rebuilding the ticket kiosk at the entrance to the main Bodleian courtyard from Catte Street, making it warmer and more comfortable as well as more secure for the staff working there.