Courier services

External couriers

We deal directly with DHL and Royal Mail, as well as specialist couriers, to make sure your items arrive safely and on time. 

Our experienced team is also trained to deal with specialist shipments. This means we know exactly what can be sent where, so you receive the correct information quickly.

We take the hassle out of dealing with couriers because:

  • we can collect your items from anywhere you wish via an external courier like DHL
  • our team has special training to understand the implications of sending and packing items like medicines and dangerous goods. We’ll also discuss with you any tax implications of importing or exporting items and what this means for your shipment
  • we not only arrange couriers but manage the invoicing and charge it directly to the cost centre you provide.

When booking a courier please download and complete our Checklist for Couriers.

Internal couriers

We also offer an internal courier service to anywhere in Oxford. Our internal courier takes items as per the Royal Mail Size Guide. Any items outside of this size will be delivered at the discretion of the team. For the Size Guide see this page on the Royal Mail website

Our internal courier service means you can send work-related parcels or packages to anywhere in Oxford whether it’s a University location or not. 

What can I send?
Parcels of any size as defined by the Royal Mail Size Guide.

Do you deliver to non-University and private locations? 
Yes, as long as the sender or recipient is located at a University building.

Can you move furniture? 
Unfortunately we cannot move furniture or help with office moves.


Booking mail services

Please note that you will need your Planon login details if you want to book a courier service. If you don't have a log in you can request one by completing this form:




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Book an internal courier here 



For external couriers

Please complete our checklist


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