Service Catalogue

Designed to help our customers understand the wide range of services Estates provide, our catalogue also provides transparency around which services we deliver within our service funding and which incur additional charges.

The catalogue makes our first phase of service level statements available, with more to be added shortly. As our services evolve and change, new SLSs will be added.


Use this tool to help you and your colleagues understand;

  • The breadth and range of services Estates provide
  • What is the service we provide in specific areas, for example, Repairs and Maintenance
  • If the service is funded through Estates or whether they are additional costs associated with it
  • Our service KPIs and how we measure current performance*
  • How you can help us deliver our services by providing us with the relevant information/access etc
  • Who are your key contacts are
  • Who to contact if you are unhappy with any of our services


Service Catalogue

To view and access the Estates Services service catalogue