Radcliffe Camera ramp

Ramped access to the Radcliffe Camera


As well as repairing and maintaining the University’s buildings, the Conservation & Buildings team makes adjustments and alterations to improve accessibility for staff, students and visitors with disabilities.

Alterations to a building can include provision of an induction loop, improvements to lighting, automation of doors or installation of a ramp or platform lift.


Access issue 

If you are a building or facilities manager and wish to discuss an access issue for your building or department, please contact Kevin Green or Ben Smith. Other staff members wishing to discuss an access issue should speak to their building or facilities manager in the first instance.


The Conservation & Buildings team employs an Accessibility Advisor, Ben Smith, who works with architects and project managers to ensure that new buildings and major refurbishments are designed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible.

The University also has an online Access Guide with detailed and searchable information about many buildings across the University. This is being updated all the time, and work is underway to include all of the colleges on the Guide. If you would like to request an update to the Access Guide please contact Ben Smith.

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Kevin Green, Architectural Assistant (Accessibility)


Ben Smith, Accessibility Advisor