Asbestos management

  • Maintaining an asbestos register of known asbestos containing materials (ACMs) for each building
  • Asbestos surveys – we are carrying out management surveys of all buildings constructed before 2000 and issuing new asbestos management plans for each
  • Managing the  re-inspection programme to monitor the condition of known ACMs
  • Pre-refurbishment surveys – before any planned work that may disturb or alter the building fabric or services
  • Reactive asbestos inspections – before any reactive maintenance tasks where there is the risk that ACMs could be disturbed.

Did you know?

You don’t need a survey or inspection if your building was constructed after 2000.


Arranging surveys and inspection

Any work which will disturb or alter the building fabric or services will require an assessment.

Surveys are usually carried out by our specialist contractor, but we may undertake checks for minor or reactive works. More information is can be found in the memo to staff, guidance note and process flowchart below. There is also a survey request form to use to instruct a pre-refurbishment survey of planned refurbishment work. 

The asbestos inspection is targeted at simple, minor work that affects building materials but that would typically be covered within the scope of a management survey.

Examples could include: fixing to walls (noticeboards, brackets, shelving); simple cable installation using existing holes and containment; changing locks or door furniture; limited redecoration. Request an asbestos inspection via the FacilityNet helpdesk, the link can be found in the document table below, labelled 'Book an inspection'.


Asbestos Inspection memo  DOWNLOAD

Survey guidance


Book an inspection via FacilityNet BOOK HERE

Survey flowchart


Survey request 


Abatement flowchart


Removing ACMs

All ACM removal (abatement) work must be carried out by a licensed contractor. The Compliance team will help arrange this and must be notified of any planned work on asbestos materials.  You can find out more in the process flowchart including likely time scales.

Help and information

For help and guidance on any aspect of asbestos management, contact the Estates Services Compliance team at

There is also more information in the University policy statement – view this on the right hand side of this page.


    Compliance with this policy is compulsory when the presence of asbestos is known, discovered or suspected. This applies to members of staff, contractors and consultants.

    Further information can be found in the following Asbestos Management memo (PDF).


    Asbestos register

    (Authorised requesters only)






    University policy on asbestos (S2/14)



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