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Under the University’s Physical Security Policy, heads of division are responsible for ensuring departmental security arrangements. The policy is supported by three further security policies which covering physical security, personnel security and information security.

Heads of department and faculty board chairs are responsible for developing and implementing security plans for their department, including assessing risks and vulnerabilities assets. They should also carry out a security review at least annually and more frequently if a specific threat exists or emerges.

Security Services have developed templates for departments to use to help review existing security arrangements, and to produce security and emergency action plans.




The Security Review template helps departments to record their existing security measures, highlight potential security weaknesses and then to populate the Security Plan template.


Security Review template  DOWNLOAD


The Security Plan template helps departments to identify, develop and implement a range of appropriate security control measures.

Security Plan template  DOWNLOAD

Emergency Action Plan templates help departments to develop plans to protect visitors, staff and students from real or potential dangers such as natural disasters, hazardous material, terrorism and public disorder.

These cover actions to take in the following situations and should form part of your department’s Security Plan for:

  • non-fire related building evacuation
  • invacuation – seeking  shelter within a building 
  • lockdown – securing  the perimeter of a building 

Please also send your completed Emergency Action Plan to so that we can include it in the Security Services Command & Control System.




Quick View - Emergency Action Plans


Cover sheet - Emergency Action Plans


Appendix A - Bomb Threat


Appendix B - Invacuation


Appendix C - Building Lockdown


Security Alert - Staff Action (Display Notice)


Information Sheet 1 - Suspicious Items and Suspect Devices


Information Sheet 2 - Invacuation


Information Sheet 3 - Fire alarm activation


For more information, guidance or advice on using these please contact

Physical Security Policy


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