Landscaping project will transform the Science Area

The project will eventually involve landscaping routes between Parks Road and South Parks Road, giving pedestrians and cyclists priority over drivers and rationalising the clutter of parked cars, bins and building services that currently dominates the area.

The first phase of the works will include the Parks Road and South Parks Road entrances and the section of Sherrington Road between the Sherrington Building and the New Biochemistry Building.

Once the project is finished, Sherrington and Hinshelwood Roads will become attractive public spaces with green areas for staff and students to sit, eat and socialise in. There will be better management of how motor vehicles move through the area with the introduction of a one-way system. Priority will be given to cyclists and pedestrians, and accessibility for disabled users will be improved.

Work will begin in June and take around 17 weeks. Phase two is planned to start next summer.

The overall number of car parking spaces will be reduced while operational and disabled spaces will increase. Bike parking will be more plentiful and better organised, with several large, secure shelters replacing the numerous cycle racks that have been installed throughout the area over the years.

The project aims to make the area feel more connected with the nearby University Parks, and to improve sustainability with measures like wildlife-friendly planting and use of permeable paving to minimise rainwater runoff. Alongside steps to encourage sustainable travel, this will help achieve the goals set out in the University's recently launched Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

The area's trees have been surveyed; most will be kept during the redevelopment, but a few low-quality specimens will be removed and replaced as part of phase two.

The work will inevitably cause some noise and inconvenience for those working nearby, but contractors will do their best to minimise disruption and are holding regular meetings with local stakeholders to plan and coordinate works.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Project Manager, Matt Eaton:

Artists impression of new landscaping plans at Hinshelwood Road

Artists impression of new landscaping plans at Hinshelwood Road