New art project on the way to Wytham Woods

Entitled Indirect Signs of Presence, it aims to bring artistic practice together with cutting-edge scientific research to engage with members of the public.

A pilot project consisting of three new commissions is taking place in Wytham Woods this year, celebrating the Woods as a site that has been continuously studied for many decades. Audiences will be invited to engage in a dialogue with artists and scientists, and to playfully explore creative interpretations of data while celebrating a place dedicated to monitoring biodiversity and change.

The project is being managed by Sara Lowes, a curator and composer with interests in multidisciplinary research and the relationship between art and science in contemporary culture. Sara currently works at Modern Art Oxford as Curator of Creative Learning, and was Composer in Residence at the National Graphene Institute at Manchester University from 2014-15.

More news about the project will be announced as it becomes available over the coming months.