New preferred asbestos consultancies appointed

The companies are now the University’s preferred suppliers, replacing the previous incumbent, Riverside Environmental. Any new asbestos surveying or other consultancy work should go to them via the Compliance team. Contact to find out more.

In the coming weeks, the team will be issuing guidance on how to instruct the companies to carry out new surveying and other works. Riverside is aware of the change and will honour any existing orders, but should not be given new work. If there is an existing project where Riverside has already done work, but further asbestos surveying or air monitoring is needed, please contact the Compliance team to discuss.

The fact there are now two preferred suppliers means there should be considerably more capacity to carry out asbestos surveys as they are needed, so there should be much less delay between departments requesting an asbestos survey and one being carried out. This should mean in turn that requirement for an asbestos survey before any alterations to building fabric can be made will cause considerably less delay to departmental renovations and minor building projects.