New Wytham Writer in Residence appointed

Photo of Alice Little standing in a woodland surrounded by autumn leaves

Alice Little

Alice is an author of short fiction. Her first short story was published in 2016, and since then 17 more have appeared in print and online. She is the author of five short story collections, and as part of this Residency will be writing a new anthology, to be published by Holywell Press.

While the Residency will formally begin in spring 2021, Alice is already busy preparing for the workshops and other activities that will take place, learning more about Wytham, the woodland ecosystem, and the research that goes on there. She has always loved walking and spending time in woodlands, and looks forward to the challenge of writing new stories linked to the context of the woods. She has already chosen her residency's theme - trees - and plans to organise workshops, writing days, competitions and other activities around this theme.

‘I’m so excited to be Writer in Residence at Wytham Woods,' Alice said. 'This role brings together my love of the woodland with my work as a fiction author, and my head is buzzing with ideas for the year!’ She plans to set up a writers’ hut where writers can meet to write under the woodland canopy, and to bring musicians to the woods to explore the way different sounds travel between the trees.

Alice is heavily involved in writing activities around Oxfordshire. She has edited five collections of short stories, flash fiction and poetry by various authors, with a sixth to be published in 2021. She also runs regular workshops and events to support other writers; as Director of Didcot Writers, she holds weekly sessions, classes, and social events, as well as coordinating an online competition.

Alice is also Administrator for the Oxford Centre for Life-Writing, and a Research Fellow at the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments.

Alice takes over from the first Writer in Residence at the Woods, Sarah Watkinson, who recently published The Woods of Hazel alongside co-author Romola Parish, a poetry collection that has so far sold almost 100 copies, raising nearly £500 for the nearby Hill End outdoor education centre.