Roundup of major projects


  • Project 622 – The Wolfson Building - This new building provides purpose-built facilities for the Wolfson Centre for the Prevention of Stroke and Dementia (CPSD), as well as research space for the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN) on the John Radcliffe Hospital site. The project reached practical completion in June and is now being used by the two departments. Project Manager: Peter Turner, CPC. 

Completion due during 2019

  • 1-4 Keble Road Refurbishment – Doctoral Training Centre relocation to enable creation of Energy Storage research facility in the Rex Richards Building. Completion is due in Q4 2019; completion of the Rex Richards project is expected Q1 2020. Project Manager: Nick Mullineux, TMD.
  • Southwell Building compressor housing – extension for engineering turbine testing facility. Completion is expected in October 2019. Project Manager: Nick Mullineux, TMD.
  • Robert Hooke Phase V – Part 2 – Cluster Tool – Refurbishment work in the Robert Hooke Building basement to accommodate a new cluster tool for the Physics department. Expected to complete before the end of 2019. Project Manager: Andrew Sneddon, Ridge.

At planning/design stages, or under construction

  • Biochemistry Completion, Science Area – The construction of the building continues to progress well. The concrete frame is almost finished and a topping out ceremony is imminent. Estimated completion Q4 2020. Project manager: Jon Odell, CPC.
  • Humanities on the ROQ – Major funding has now been secured for the project. The tender for the appointment of an architect is ongoing. Project manager: Jon Odell, CPC.
  • Castle Mill graduate accommodation – building and landscaping improvement works are ongoing and work is due to complete in March 2020. Project manager: Jon Odell, CPC. 
  • IDRM (Institute of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine) design development is continuing. A tender competition is ongoing for the appointment of the main contractor. The planning submission is being taken forward during October. Construction is expected to start in Q1 2020 and to complete Q2 2021. Project Manager: Oliver Banister, Ridge.
  • Osney Power Station refurbishment for Saïd Business School – the planning application has been approved and a Main Contractor selected. Expected completion Q3 2022. Project Manager: Jolyon Price, Ridge.
  • Tinbergen redevelopment – Asbestos removal and soft strip is continuing and expected to finish in December 2019. The project team for the redevelopment have issued the end of Stage 2 report and will be commencing a tender for the main contractor imminently. Project Managers: Tim Crow, ARUP and Richard Todd, Bidwells.
  • Parks College – The project has reached the end of Stage 2 and will be progressing through Stage 3 into the new year. Project Manager: Viv Barnard, CPC.
  • Cyclotron installation – procurement and installation of a cyclotron to complement the existing Radiopharmacy research facility. Estimated completion is Q3 2021. Project Manager: Richard Todd, Bidwells.
  • Kennedy Office Extension – project to add additional office space to the Kennedy Building. A main contractor has been recommended and is currently going through the process of being ratified by BESC. Construction is expected to start in Q1 2020 and finish Q2 2021. Project Manager: Jennifer Emm, CPC.