Wytham Woods tree art exhibition later in June

Painting of a large tree by John Blandy

Painting by John Blandy

The exhibition runs from 14 to 27 June and is open between 11am and 5pm; entry is free.

Blandy has been painting in the Woods since 2016 and more recently has become an Artist in Residence. He has returned each month to repeatedly depict five of the most impressive trees there at different times of year and in different weather and lighting conditions, and the resulting portrait series forms an exploration of how the trees change over time.

The five trees include the mighty beech tree outside the Wytham Chalet, the centuries-old oak that formed the subject of a BBC TV programme, and the hornbeam that until recently stood by the Gibson's Gate entrance to the Woods before being felled by strong winds.

The exhibition will implement Covid security measures and is fully accessible to disabled visitors.

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