Cable replacement works planned for Science Area

Update on 31 August 2022

Kingerlee, the contractor carrying out the HV repair works in the Science Area, produces a regular newsletter giving updates on the project to those based nearby. You can download the latest newsletter as a PDF.


This will mean digging trenches in several areas and disruption to those nearby, including the continued closure of the junction between South Parks Road and Hinshelwood Road, at which the fault occurred.

The off-road cycle route on South Parks Road will need to be closed but we will maintain pedestrian access and will be working hard to make sure routes remain accessible to all. The tree closest to this junction will also need to be removed as the affected cable runs directly beneath it.

A map of the affected areas is available. The red areas of cable (between the Earth Sciences building and Sibthorp Road) are known to need replacement and work will start here; meanwhile, trial holes are being dug to determine how much work is needed on the blue and yellow sections.

Work will start on 25 April and end by July 31. If not all the potentially affected cables need to be replaced, completion may be possible earlier. Estates Services will provide an updated programme of works as soon as the full extent of the work needed is known.

The rest of the Science Area landscaping works that were underway when the fault happened – including remodelling of the affected junction – will be finished as soon as the cables have been replaced. The planned Science Area one-way system will then be introduced.

In the meantime, staff, students and visitors are requested to be careful when moving around the Science Area and pay close attention to warning signs. Please contact Rob Gregg, Head of Electrical Engineering Services on if you have any questions or concerns.