Science Area route changes on the way

Major changes are coming to how staff, students and visitors get around the Science Area. 

From Thursday 11 August, a permanent new one-way system is being introduced for motor vehicles. Meanwhile, the ongoing programme of works to dig up and replace old high-voltage cables is moving on to its next phase. This will lead to temporary changes to pedestrian and cycle infrastructure on South Parks Road. 

Once the new traffic system is in place, all motor vehicles must enter the Science Area via the South Parks Road entrance, move along Hinshelwood Road, turn into Sherrington Road and finally exit onto Parks Road. Dorothy Hodgkin Road will be for pedestrians and cyclists only, except for a small number of authorised service vehicles. 

Because of improvements made as part of the Science Area Landscaping programme, there is no longer room for traffic to flow both ways. This programme aims to provide pleasant outdoor spaces for staff and students to relax and socialise, create a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians, and ensure better access for disabled users. Achieving these goals requires a one-way system, with major restrictions on how motor vehicles - particularly HGVs - move through the area. 

Cyclists can still go through the Science Area in either direction - the one-way system is only for motor vehicles. 

Cable replacement means more changes for pedestrians and cyclists 

Meanwhile, Estates Services staff and contractors are also moving on to the next phase of the project to replace buried high-voltage cables around the Science Area, following cable failures earlier in 2022. This part of the work will also start on Monday 8 August, and will last around three weeks. 

During this time, pedestrians walking down South Parks Road away from the city centre who want to access the Science Area will have to do so via Le Gros Clark Place, between the Earth Sciences and Dyson Perrins buildings, as the pavement in front of the latter will be unavailable.  

Alternatively, they can cross South Parks Road using a temporary pedestrian crossing that will be created around the entrance to Robinson Close and proceed on the other side before returning to the north side of the road and entering the Science Area along Hinshelwood Road or Sibthorp Road. 

The cycle lane on the north side of South Parks Road will be closed around the same area, between Robinson Close and Hinshelwood Road. 

The landscaping of the junction between Hinshelwood Road and South Parks Road will be completed by Wednesday 10 August, meaning this can once again be used as the main entrance for vehicles to enter the Science Area and enabling the one-way system to come into effect the following day. 

All staff, students and visitors are asked to continue being careful when moving about this part of Oxford and to pay close attention to warning signs. 

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