Estates Services Helpdesks merge to form one support team

On Monday 4 March 2024, the first phase of the project to merge the two existing Estates Services Helpdesks will go live, unifying the previously separate FM and DLO helpdesks. 

Merging the Helpdesks into a single support team aims to create a single point of contact for all our users for the first time. It will help standardise our processes and improve our ability to respond quickly to requests and escalate issues as needed. This work will also enable us to provide customers with clearer and more accurate information on the progress of reactive work requests. 

Building users and Facilities or Building Managers can continue to use their current Planon login or the Helpdesk and Buildings We Manage pages to access a range of services such as raising maintenance requests, booking meeting rooms, and placing catering orders. New Planon users can apply for an account through the following form

After implementing the initial changes, we will monitor the Helpdesk’s usage statistics and user feedback. If any issues arise, they will be promptly identified and addressed. The team will receive additional training to ensure a smooth changeover to the new system. 

The Helpdesk team will also review and standardise the process for logging reactive calls, which will help streamline operations. All team members will have full sight of and access to all requests raised through the Helpdesk. This will mean they can easily view, amend, and log tasks, fostering a transparent, collaborative working environment. 

For assistance, you can reach us at   

 01865 270087