Science Area landscaping will now continue until early 2022

The first phase of the project was due to be finished by around the start of Michaelmas term, but is now expected to continue until early February 2022. 

Work around the Sherrington Building should be finished by the end of the year; the focus will then move to landscaping the Parks Road and finally South Parks Road entrance areas. The rest of the Science Area will be dealt with in Phase 2 of the project. 

There will be several projects underway nearby over the next few months – as well as the landscaping work, these include the Life and Mind Building on South Parks Road and the creation of the new Reuben College – so there will be significant volumes of heavy construction traffic. Estates Services staff and contractors will do everything possible to minimise inconvenience and ensure safety, but staff, students and visitors should be careful as they move around the area. 

Once finished, the work will make the Science Area far more pleasant, with landscaped spaces to work and relax in, as well as increasing sustainability and greatly improving provision for cyclists, pedestrians and disabled users. 

If you have questions or concerns, contact Project Manager, Matt Eaton: