The Wolfson Building

Exterior photo of The Wolfson Building



Location John Radcliffe Hospital
Department(s) Medical Sciences Division
About the building

This new building provides purpose-built facilities for the Wolfson Centre for the Prevention of Stroke and Dementia (CPSD), as well as research space for the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging (WIN). Both of these units are part of the University’s Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences within the Medical Sciences Division.

The work of the CPSD has already led to major changes in clinical practice, such as promoting emergency treatment after minor warning events to improve stroke prevention. The expansion of the centre will ensure that research continues to lead to benefits for patients.

Researchers at the WIN are working to understand how the brain works, investigating the underlying causes of conditions such as dementia, psychiatric disorders and vascular disease. The new building will house a number of research groups, such as those investigating how the brain recovers after damage and how the brain processes pain.

The building consists of three floors with a mix of laboratory, office and meeting/seminar space. 

Completion June 2019
Architect FJMT
Main contractor SDC