Further disruption expected from Science Area power cable replacement work

A previously unknown fault has come to light in the cable between the Radcliffe Science Library and the Robert Hooke Building. This means several nearby buildings are currently without resilience and would lose all power if another cable failed. 

The faulty cable must be dug up and replaced as a matter of urgency, and this will lead to disruption along Parks Road in front of the Museum of Natural History. This work started on Wednesday 22 June and is expected to carry on for 2-3 weeks.

The excavations will be kept within the grass area in front of the museum as much as possible, but a short section of the cycle path will need to be closed temporarily with signs asking cyclists to dismount and proceed on foot. Pedestrian access will be maintained throughout. A map of the affected area is available.  

There will be some other effects – for example, the coffee trailer outside the museum will need to move a short way, and two parking spaces will be temporarily closed – and the excavations will inevitably produce some noise, but every effort will be made to limit the impact on those working and studying nearby.

This work is in addition to the cable replacement excavations that are already underway in the Science Area, which have affected the cycle and pedestrian routes on South Parks Road. The whole replacement programme is still expected to be finished by the end of July.

Please exercise care around the Science Area during this period, particularly since there are already high levels of construction traffic from nearby projects such as the Life and Mind Building and creation of space for Reuben College. The additional disruption is unfortunate but replacing the cables is a safety-critical task and is also essential to provide a reliable power supply to the Science Area for the long term.