Lifts should not be used on 5 July due to Chorus phone service upgrade

Further guidance

Guidance on the procedure departments should use to return lifts to normal functioning after they have been notified that the Chorus upgrade is complete has now been made available.


Lifts should be clearly signposted as out of operation at all levels and signage must be in place prior to the 6.00am phone shutdown on 5 July.

Departments should identify business critical lifts and make sure arrangements are in place to prevent unattended operation. A member of staff should be in attendance in the lift during their operation with an appropriate and tested means of communication to enable contact with Security Services. All other lifts should be isolated or signed off as out of use. On the following day - 6 July - departments must ensure that the lift phone lines are operational again before reverting to normal operations.

Any questions should be directed to your local safety rep (e.g. area or divisional safety officer) in the first instance.