The new University Card Service

This service is being rolled out on a division-by-division basis

This guidance is for invited adopters of the new University Card Service, which is being rolled out by the IT Services Card Stabilisation project with colleagues from the University Card Office.

The service is currently available to HR teams in the UAS, Humanities and Social Sciences divisions and will be released to further card administration teams across the University throughout summer 2023.

For teams not yet introduced to the new service, please continue to use the existing paper/PDF form process for card applications.



What is the new Card service?

A new way to request University Cards for some types of card holders.

The new Card service replaces the process of sending the following paper/PDF card request forms to the Card Office by email:

  • ‘S’ for Staff card requests
  • ‘VA’ for Virtual Access requests
  • ‘DVS’ for Departmental Visiting Student card requests

The new service consists of:

  • a new ‘Card Request Management’ software application for creating card requests and sending them to the Card Office
  • an online ‘University Card request’ form for card applicants to provide necessary information and agree to terms of use for access to University buildings, libraries, premises and IT services

Types of card requests supported by the new service

Requests for new cards/access for:

  • University staff
  • College staff
  • Departmental staff
  • Academic visitors
  • Departmental Visiting Students
  • Virtual Access
  • people being given Card holder status

Requests for the following types of change to card details:

  • renewals and extensions (ie change of card end date)
  • name or title printed on the card
  • card category
  • department or college
  • card photo (only in conjunction with another type of change request)

Types of card requests not yet supported by the new service:

  • Replacing lost or damaged cards
  • New cards for undergraduates
  • New cards for graduates
  • New cards for retirees

For each of these types of card request, please continue to use the existing card application processes.

Who will use the new Card service?

The new Card service will be used and operated by the following types of people:

  • Card applicants – eg a person who is in the process of becoming a member of staff and will submit a card request using the new service
  • Card administrators – eg an HR administrator who will start and process a card request for a new member of staff
  • Lead contacts for card administration teams – eg an HR administration team lead, who will need to request the addition and removal of users to/from their team within the new software application
  • Card Office staff – who will review submitted card requests and issue new University Cards and Virtual Access